What is simpledo?

Simpledo is a super-app that you can handle all of your crypto needs from a single app.

  • - Non-custodial instant crypto swaps (live)
  • - Bank Card On/Off Ramps (live)
  • - Crypto Debit Cards (coming soon)
  • - Buy/Sell with Bank wire (coming soon)
  • - Non-custodial Wallet with trading functionality (coming soon)
  • - Buy Gift Cards with Crypto (coming soon)
  • - Buy / Sell Crypto with FAST (coming soon)

Our goal is to provide complete crypto service to our users globally.

Do I need to register to Simpledo to swap or buy/sell crypto coins?

Yes, you need to register and complete KYC/AML process.



We calculate all the possible fees for each transaction and offers an all-inclusive swap rate, which varies depending on the selected crypto coins, float or fix rate, market volatility, network fee, etc.

All fees are included. No hidden or extra fees.

On/Off Ramps

The transaction fee includes; the network fee (also known as miners fee, gas fee), service provider fee, minimum service fee. All comes to 4.95% when you buy crypto with your card, 4.95% when you transfer crypto to your card, and when you withdraw crypto to your card, the minimum commission is 4 EUR/ 4 USD.

All fees are included. No hidden or extra fees.

What is your platform`s operating time?

Our platform operates 24/7, 365 days a year..