Swap - Can I check the status of my transaction?

You track your transaction through My Orders section, through swap module, and by your transaction Hash.

Swap - Stages of your exchange

Awaiting deposit: At this stage, we are waiting for you to send your funds to the deposit address we have specified.

Confirming: At this stage, your deposit is taking confirmation by the network. As it is confirmed, the transaction will proceed automatically.

Please note that we cannot take this step faster since we do not control the network itself.

Exchanging: We are in the process of exchanging your funds. The time it takes to exchange certain coins may vary, depending on the selected pair’s networks and general market conditions.

Sending to your wallet: The exchange of coins was successful, and we are now sending your funds to the address you specified.

Swap - My exchange is stuck on Exchanging.

Usually, it takes around 10-15 minutes to process an exchange. However, depending on the blockchain and market conditions, it may take up to around an hour.

If your exchange stays as Exchanging for longer than an hour or so, please contact our support team.

Swap - My exchange is stuck on Awaiting deposit.

Several reasons can cause this;

  • - The exchange will not start until you have deposited your funds,
  • - Your deposit arrived too late,
  • - Your funds were sent from a smart contract; we do not accept deposits from smart contract addresses (for XTZ, EOS, and ETH).
  • - You sent the wrong crypto coin; our system will only be checking the deposit address in the relevant blockchain, and we won't be able to pick up the wrong coins.
  • - You forgot to specify the memo/destination tag or made a mistake in it (for XRP, XLM, ATOM, EOS, BNBMAINNET exchanges).
  • - You send an old token.

Please contact our support team to solve the above-mentioned issues.

Swap - Why my order (exchange) failed?

There’s a variety of reasons why your exchange might have failed, such as;

  • - Your deposit was below the minimum amount.
  • - The payout address or memo you provided was invalid.
  • - For fixed-rate exchanges: your deposit did not fit into the 20-minute window.
  • - One of the coins involved in the exchange was disabled.
  • - An internal error occurred.

Please contact our support team.

Swap - My order (swap) is still pending.

It takes around 10-30 minutes to process a swap. If your swap is stuck at any of the 3 stages for longer than that, please contact our support team with your swap ID and the deposit hash and we will be able to update you on the swap’s status.

ON/Off Ramp - How long does the payment process take?

Payments are processed immediately if you have a verified account and have completed all the necessary authorization steps - passed the 3D security verification phase and inserted the M-XXXXX code correctly on time.

ON/Off Ramp - How can I check the status of my transaction?

Once you submit a transaction our partner Mercuryo provides a transaction ID as well as the blockchain transaction identifier (hash code), you can search hash code on blockchair.com, where you can see all the details regarding your transaction.

ON/Off Ramp - What is an M-XXXXX code?

An M-XXXXX code is an extra security measure initiated by Mercuryo to protect your funds. Mercuryo sends an M-XXXXX code to your bank and your bank delivers a 5-digit M-XXXXX code via SMS message, Push notification, and Invoice from your bank's web/mobile app.

ON/Off Ramp - What happens if I don't input M-XXXXX code or don't receive it?

If you don't receive the M-XXXXX code for some reason or you're not able to input it within a given timeframe of 5 minutes - your payment is automatically canceled in 1 hour from order creation and your bank releases funds back to your card. This process might take from 1-2 hours up to 3 business days (weekends not included) due to your bank's terms and policy.

To speed up the process of unblocking your funds, please contact your bank's customer support and ask them to release your funds back to your bank card.

ON/Off Ramp - Why am I charged before receiving crypto?

When you try to buy crypto for the first time - your bank reserves the requested amount; that amount is then put on authorization hold or pre-authorization state.

This is done to ensure that there are sufficient funds on the card's balance, while we verify your transaction.

If you fail the verification for some reason or you're not able to complete it on time - your payment is automatically canceled and your bank releases funds back to your card. This process might take from 1-2 hours up to 3 business days (weekends not included) due to your bank's terms and policy.

ON/Off Ramp - Is it possible to edit the transaction?

Once the transaction is executed, it's impossible to edit any of the payment details. For example, it is not possible to change the cryptocurrency address or the amount of crypto once the transaction is in the blockchain.

ON/Off Ramp - I have accidentally sent crypto to an incorrect blockchain address. What can I do?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to refund you if you’ve sent your crypto to an incorrect blockchain address, as we don’t have any control over the process of crypto delivery and can not cancel it as a regular bank transaction.

ON/Off Ramp - What does "Amount off-limits" mean?

Amount off-limits error might have multiple reasons, such as;

  • - technical issues on the Mercuryo side,
  • - technical issues on the user's side,
  • - other reasons.

If you encounter this problem, please, contact the Mecuryo customer support team at support@mercuryo.io (and support@simpledo.io).

ON/Off Ramp - Why cannot add my card?

Possible reasons;

  • - You don't have at least 1 euro (or its equivalent in your card's currency) on your balance,
  • - You use a different card, not MasterCard or Visa,
  • - Problem with the bank - bank blocks the attempts to add the card,
  • - Card might not be fit for international transactions,
  • - Failed 3-D Secure authentication by your bank,
  • - Cardholder name or digits are inserted incorrectly,
  • - The same card was previously added to another account,
  • - Other reasons.

Possible solutions:

  • - Make sure you have at least 1 euro (or its equivalent) on your balance,
  • - Contact the bank and make sure your card is allowed to make international transactions,

ON/Off Ramp - Support

Please keep in mind that on/off ramp services are provided by Mercuryo, and reachable at support@mercuryo.io

Contact Support / Submit a Ticket

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