Who we are

We're Simpledo

A financial technology company focused on empowering our users. We are a company with a passion for simplicity & functionality.

We started working on Simpledo in late 2020 to create a non-coding algo trading platform and algo marketplace. However, the functionality of our crypto module in the algo trading platform grow tremendously, and we decide to separate the crypto module and give it what it deserves, separate ``web app``. Therefore, at the moment we have a crypto super app and the algo trading platform and marketplace

What we know about the fintech sector,

Before Simpledo, we have been serving financial firms such as equities and fx Brokers (Globally) for about 15 years in the areas of OMS, RMS, DMA, Algo Trading, turn-key Retail & Institutional level multi-asset trading platforms.

Our mission,

We are working very hard to become your one-stop-destination for your needs in the financial sector. Whatever it is; crypto trading, algo trading & marketplace, the credit card on/off ramps, crypto debit cards, gift cards w/crypto, non-custodial wallet we want to be there.

Our Core Values,

Everyone deserves access to financial services that can help them to create a better future for themselves and their loved ones. Financial solutions should not be complex and carry a burden. We always put our users first and provide simple yet functional solutions for them.

We are a NON-CUSTODIAL SERVICE, and we never hold your money or crypto coins. We offer a safe, simple, and convenient way to Buy, Sell, or Swap Crypto coins.

We are building a fintech ecosystem for our retail-end-users based on simplicity, and functionality, and we comply with relevant regulations fully where ever is possible.

  • Company Legal Title: Simpledo Financial Technologies Inc.
  • Trade Registry No: 361177-5
  • Mersis (Central Trade Registry System) No: 0770105304500001
  • Address: Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mah., Balkan Cad., Meydan Istanbul, Block # 62A Umraniye/Istanbul - Turkey
  • The website address: www.simpledo.io